Like the features of your community or dating site? But want some custom work done?

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Easy profile/mass mail deletion

Need an easier way to delete profiles and email addresses in the mass mailer.

Credit System or Subscription option

I would like for my users to have the option to buy a monthly subscription for full access OR purchase credits to search, view profiles, read blogs, enter chat, etc. The route they choose depends on user habits and budget
The following is what i have in mind for this operation:
1. The credit currency would be called some variation of "Chocolate", but I would like the option to change this name to something else later.
2. On the home page would be an icon of a candy jar/candy bar beside the user's "chocolate" balance.
3. Users can give other members "chocolate". For example someone can contact a non-paying member and give them "chocolate" in hopes that they will use it to communicate back with them.
4. Users will be notified when they log in that a user gave them "chocolate". (With picture and profile link)
5. Subscribers can accumulate "chocolate" to apply toward their next subscription. Users given option to spend their desired amount of 'chocolate' toward subscription. ($ value of 'chocolate' determined in admin panel)
6. If a user attempts to give a subscriber "chocolate", they will see a message that notifies them that the subscriber already has full access to the site (and doesn't 'need' it)...however they can still proceed to give if they want to.
7. I would like the option to choose which features to make accessible with 'chocolate' and also the option to set the 'cost' for each feature.
8. Notification message when 'chocolate' is spent and remaining balance. Also a checkbox that says "Don't show this again"
9. If a user's subscription ends or if a non-subscriber is out of chocolate and tries to do something, redirection to a payment page to buy more 'chocolate' with cost options (20 chocolates for $5, 50 chocolate for $10 etc...with administrative control over prices of packages, of course)
10. Lastly, i would like to start each new member with X amount 'chocolate' when they join. Also i want for each member to earn X amount of 'chocolate' whenever they login which they can accumulate to put toward subscription or just whenever they dont want to subscribe.

Invitation code

I want to be able to only register with a invitation code

Reduce possibility's for free profiles

We want for free profiles (no payment ) reduce possibility's as follows:
- Not showing the pictures of other profiles
- Not display of residence (province should remain visible)
Once a member with a free profile upgrades and pay :
- Should all photos be visible for that member
- Should the residence be visible
** In place of the photo should appear with a picture message
"Only paying for profiles" (instead of no photo)
**If the member has no picture, the image "no photo" must further appear

Block countries

I need an extension of the IP Country function which you have make for me. A Script which blocks countries, user can see only a site with this text "Site under construction, try again later" If user is from Bulgaria or Senegal(ower IP system) he see the message and cant register.

Chat rooms editor

I need facility to add/edit/delete chat rooms: 3dchat & flashchat

Advanced Search - by date

Is it possible to add a new search feature in Advanced Search - Search by date?
It will be a date range e.g. user's registered from "1/1/2011" to "1/2/2011".
New feature will work in conjunction with existing advanced search options e.g. search by photo, by location etc.

Automatic e-mails for events and groups

I need an automated mail system for the areas of events and groups:
1. When a member posted a new event, all other members should also be notified - with an e-mail into the mail folder of site
2. If a member of a group writes a new wall/forum message then all other members of this group received an email in the mail folder of site
3. If a member receive comment in group wall/forum then he received an email in the mail folder of site

"Feated users" new photos everyday

I need the "featured users" photos shown on index page of my dating site to be more dynamic. Meaning new photos needs to be displayed everyday. But it doesn't have to be new users photos. It can be a mixed of old and new users with photos on profile. It should also be 50% men and 50% women.

Tubecreator contact page

I need a contact us link and contact page for tubecreator site.

Affiliate Programme

I want to make it possible that when a user (refered by an affiliate site) pay subscription by Western Union or sends cash, affiliate earns commission. Until now affiliate only can make money if user pays via paypal or other integrated payments mode.

I need a tweet button and Like Button

Tweet Button - Add this button to my website to let people share content on Twitter without having to leave the page.
Like Button - Facebook - The Like button lets a user share my content with friends on Facebook.

Statistics for adminpanel

I need the stats for my own use, they don’t should public, so they must in the admin area or to a special link that is not public.
For the stat Total members: I also need a breakdown by countries
Total Members: 12001
By Country:
Germany: 2500
Turkey: 1500
USA: 215
UK: 150 etc.


I want to integrate paytpv payments on my web site


Is it possible to make a kind of sitemap that displays all states and cities that are used by my members?

Auto friends request sent from amin to new members

I would like to have an auto friends request sent out to every new member with option on/off and set username of inviter.

Controlling fake members

I would like to be able to see all IM's, Emails, Winks, and any other communications with fake members and reply to them without logging in as each fake member individually.

Facebook login & registration

I would like to add the connect with facebook button on my site. This way people can use their facebook user name and password to log in to my site.

Fake profiles online age

In the admin panel you can set the fake online profile count. Is there also away to set the age limits of the profiles being seen? For example ages 18-40 or 18-35.

Notification about reading

Is it possible that the mail sender can ask for a notification when the mail is read or is opened?

A few different mods

1. An option for users to make their profiles private, is so the profile and the photo are only visible to users who are logged in.
2. Mods to contact.php: add a Subject field between username and comments.
3. Mods to groups: the creator of a group can send an email to all group members.

Certification of a member

What can be the cost to have for the admin the possibility to certificate some profiles.
For example, the certified profiles appears with a star in front of the username.

Text of previous mail

When I receive and open a message which is a Reply, then above the actual message I would like to see the original message as well. Of course it applies only when it is a Reply to a message. This will apply to Reply messages in all folders (inbox, sandbox, My Folders), always showing the previous message above the actual message.

Match mail with paid profiles

I want to send weekly mail that contains profiles of paid members that most compatible with receiver by orientation and age.

Paid access to phones

1) I want add field "phone" where member can paste phone number
2) Profiles with phones will have label "PHONE"
3) Phone is visible only for paid members, others see link on upgrade page "available for paid members"

Last 5 ads

What can be the cost to have on the home page the 5 last Ads posted on the site.

IP block

1) I want to see IP of members in adminpanel
2) I need ability add/change/delete IP in block list
3) Member with blocked IP will be redirected on link that I can set in "Site options"

Payfast payment system

South Africa doesn't use paypal because PayPal doesn't use the Rand currency. But South Africa does have a payment system similar to PayPal named PayFast, would you be able to incorporate that into my site? set up a complete payment system similar to PayPal, only with PayFast?

BusinessSpace: Recommendations changes

1) Add special section "Approve" new recommendations
2) If member has unaccepted recommendations - show on home page link "Approve Recommendations"
3) Add page "Ask recommendations": here will be shown contacts of member who not sent recommendations for member, list of members as on contacts page

BusinessSpace: Need Join form and People's directory

Please see site:
I would like to have same Join form with security code and also I want same "People's Directory" on my site.

Upgrade mods

If paid user starts IM, phonecall or videochat and the "not paid" user can react so can write in IM, phone with paid user and videochat with them, but only if the paid user start contact.

And its obviously needed that everyone see the buttons "IM", "phone", "videochat" and "games" even if the user is not upgraded, now when I make them as paid area no one sees them any more and so has no "need" to upgrade.


Could you make SEO friendly links on profiles?
For example: member/USERNAME or member/MEMBER_ORIENTATION/USERNAME ?

Mod Report

My project is to make a link that says report a concern. The link I would like it to go to contact page, and the scammers profile name and IP will be attached to the email that administrator will see on page "Contacts".

New Chameleon automails

When members get:
- mail
- comment in photo gallery
- comment in blog
- profile comment
- video comment
they receive a direct link to go directly to their inbox or page with comment.

Home page wall

I would like a wall on the members home page where they can write to it. Just like in the groups but for the whole site (Every Member can write and view the same wall) Also the (write box to wall) would be above the wall.
I also wanted the wall to give the ability to let the member choose whether all website members comments would show on the wall or just friends comments.

Find A Date

I would like a page similar to the vote page on the script, but with one difference. see attachment. I would like members to be able to find a possible date. Instead of the 7 buttons at the top I would like three (Possible Date, Good Change and Very Interested). When a member come to this page system will search all members gender member interested in. Once they click on the button of there chose at the top of the page, it will go to the next member in search list. The member who pops up on this page will get an email in datingsoftware stating member (member profile name and pic) is seeking "Possible Date", "Good chance of Dating", and/or "Very Interested in them. From there they can reply with option to meet somewhere on a date, voice chat, video chat or IM. The default search would be all members gender, the member is interested in, but I would like to have the members choose a search criteria at the bottom of the page for age, online, gender seeking, location.

Disabling Auto-mail feature

I need control over "Auto mail" feature; and looking into individual ON/OFF switch to enable/disable following auto-mails: Join, Forget, Mail message, Interest, Admin delete, End Gold, Partner Join, Partner Forget, Partner Delete, Invite, Confirm email.

Ability to do a location search in events

The ability to do a location search in events. The same as with places.

Paid access

Is it possible to block the search option for visitors who have registered but not entered into a payment?
Currently registered users can see the contents of all the records without paying anything.
I wish the search option is available to members who purchase a package:
- free member can view only full profile and user photos on search_results.php page
- free member cannot see search results on page search_results.php and will be redirected on payment page

Upgrade links

Now I setted which are the services gold and free. For instance IM ( I set as gold service ) if you have the free subscription the IM link does not work. Would be great to have the link active but if you are not gold is redirected to upgrade.php.
Let's assume that I am a user GOLD and i find a girl NOT gold. When i activate IM she has to get the Private Chat open. Of course when she try to add a message and click to SEND she has to be directed to upgrade.php

I need a store on my site

I need a store on my site where I can sell thing to my members.

Multilanguage Site

I want to translate site sections:
- news
- help
- automails

Autologin link

Could you add link in massmail that allows click and automatically login on site without using username and password?

Video+Text Chat

Is there a way that we can have a text messenger in the video chat?

Geo Editor

I need ability to change countries/states/cities in adminpanel: add/edit/delete items.

Profile Completion

Could you make modification:
1) After registration new member will go to page profile.php
2) If new member and exists member click on button "Update profile" - he will be redirected to pages profile_personal.phpj, profile_partner.php or profile_photo.php

WIdget "Users Online"

We need a new widget named and with function of "USERS ONLINE".

Mail payment features

1. Free members can compose mails to other free members
But if both members are free members the recepient should only see a mail title like "New message from NAME, please upgrade your membership to read it".
2. Free members can read/replay to messages of paying members
3. Once messages are read, the message can be read forever.
4. If new messages are sent while both users are free members (in the case the paying status has expired) they should only see a mail title like "New message from NAME, please upgrade your membership to read it".

Limited mails

Emails should be limited to a maximum of characters per payment plan.
For example: free users can send texts of 100 chars, silver users 200 chars, gold unlimited.
Limit should be configurable per level (free, silver, gold).

Avoiding non paying members to put there email adress or phone number in statusfield, name of photo

I using the Chameleon Software, could you give me a quote for the following modification:
I want to prevent that everybody can put his email address or phone number in fields like status line under the picture, photo name, photo description, any maybe other that I don't know of.

Mod For Ads

Add country, state, city field. state and city initialize to "does not matter".
In Add Advertisement page: Country, State, City drop down appears before "section" drop down. This country, state, city drop down is same as on search profile page.
On the Ads Page: Shift "Search Box" down and add separate box above the "Search Box". Title of the box is "Ads Location", inside this box, place country, state, city drop down and "Find Ads" Tab. When "Find Ads" tab is clicked All the Ads categories should contain ads of that specific location (like in craiglist). When the user first time enter "Ads" tab, all the categories should contain Ads of the country that user belongs to.

Notification about new registration for administrator

Is there a way administrator can get a mail or a copy of the join mail that user gets?

Site is under maintenance

Sometimes when the site is under maintenance I would have an option from the control panel that allows me to make at the moment the site is not visible.

New automails

I want to send automails about approval of:
- photo
- audio
- profile video
- videogallery video
- texts

I need A Pick your URL! Like myspace for my site

To make it easier for people to find you, you can choose a URL. Your URL is unique to you.Think of your BestSpace URL as your "address on the Internet" -- You can give your URL to anyone so they can find you on BestSpace. Once you choose your URL, it's yours forever, so choose wisely!

Payment system Paysafecards

I want to have a new payment system called "Paysafecard" -

Payment system

I would like you to program a payment module for It needs to be able to interface with their recurring billing system and of course be able to update my clients gold status.

Payment system

I want to use chronopay at my site.

Payment by phonecall

Here I send you a description of a company viatel from sweden, i would like to fix payment by home phone call, look at it and tell me.
When a member wants to pay the system can fix random codes and the member can make a phone call and enter the code in telefon and be upgraded automatic.

Fake chat

Can we do the same for the chat as we did for fake profiles. Meaning all the users that show fake online to show to the chat as well.

Search by radius around a location

I want users to be able to search for other members within a radius around a location they specify - such as "within 50 miles of New York City." It's alright if this only works for the U.S. as my site is available only to U.S. and Canada. I want users to be able to search within 20 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles and 250 miles.

Email notifications

Could you please also give me a quote to add a notifier to the website that sends me an e-mail every time there is 1. a new member or affiliate signed up and 2. a new picture, video, audio, or essay is added to be approved.

"Hide" some Profile datafields from displaying on the Display Profile View Screen

When displaying the detail datafields about the User on the User's Profile display view screen, DO NOT display any User Table Fields where the Table Field Name starts with "Private" or "private". This rule would apply to all fields and fieldtypes (Text field, Textarea field, Selection without parner's parameters; etc.....) added as User Table Fields in the ADMIN screens.

For ex:
Field Name Market_Source would display on the user profile view screen
Field Name Private_Market_Source would NOT display of the user profile view screen


I want to give moderator's rights for some trusted members and then they can approve photos, audios, texts and videos at special site page. Also I need ability to set individual access level for every moderator, for example: one can approve only photos, other can approve photos and audio and so on.

Site access

I would like to know if you can create me a button that I can check that will force users to sign up before they can browse profiles. When I want them to browse for free I will uncheck the button.
What about giving me the ability to change the first 4 photos that you see when you bring up my site home page?

Remove copyrights

We want remove copy rights and logo pictures from our website. Check it all our website if any where u can find abksoft or any other links or names logo then replace in to our site link.

Payment system

I want to receive payments by SMS or phone calling

I need to have embedded videos on my site

what module to I purchase to add embedded videos on my sites? I'm not talking about the email address of an embedded video code, but actually copy & pasting and embedded code from other site and uploading it here...

Home Page Profile Mod

Simple change to the homepage profile listings. Currently the listings show top viewed users. We would like this just to be random users. Second part of the change is when you click on one of these profiles it goes to the search page with a single result of that profile... we would like it when you click on the profile from the home page it goes to the users profile.

Sending photos attached to winks,flirts and email notices

When I send a flirt, wink or email and a notice go out to the recipeint personal email address can you please attached a copy of the photo with the flirt , wink or email ? So that when a person check thier yahoo, msn or what ever personal email address they have they will see the personal photo from the sender.

mass mail

We have problem to send mass mail to our members,it is not possible longer,my cpu in hosting cp goes up to 300-400 % level. and block the hole site.
I have memory 512 MB and VPS but the hosting company says to me, asking you if it Is there any way to split the mailjob into smaller increments?


We would like a mod for abledating that filters emails that people can send on forbidden words.


I want to change username and password from adminpanel.

Internet Explorer problem

Is it fixable? When using Firefox mozilla browser, there is no problem. However, when using Explorer browser, there is problem: words and corresponding png (gif) images overlapped and not separated.

Mixer template

Can i get the mixer template? i want to convert my able dating to mixer template or ablespace.

Mobile redirect

Can you redirect mobile phone users to pony site?

SMS subscription

Integration of as payment system for ABLESPACE and PONY.

CSS profile

Member can use any CSS styles, that can be entered in special textarea.
Then this member profile will be shown with these styles.

Private image

I would like that the members of the site are able to hide some of their photos to the member which are not in the friend list.
On this private image will appear for my friends only. If someone click on it, a demand to be freind shoud be sent to the member.
If accepted, the private photos will be visible for the friend or not if refused.

Add status update to member's home page

I would like to add "status update" or "what's on your mind" to my ablespace site. The status update can be like Facebook or Social Engine.
Members can update "status update" from home page. This can replace headline on profile.php page so that the status update shows underneath username (in bold) when viewing profile.


a watchlist is a list with people we don't really thrust or people we have complains about.

SEO module

Allow to set for every URL(join.php, news.php?view=1 ... )
1) title
2) keywords
3) description

If URL have no title/keywords/description - will be shown default values.

pony mail format

We would like mail format for pony, as we had for normal abledating
text mail sender: orange
text mail receiver: white
and with date and time too

"Upgrade banner ad" modification

Please replace 5 photos of "upgrade banner ad" with 5 photos (JPEG files) provided herewith.

Video removal

I would like to have all functions involving video's hidden/removed, i think i managed to highlight them in the snapshots i have attached, but if i missed a few out, please could you remove them. So that basically the icons and the ability to watch and upload videos do not appear, as if they did not exist.

Inner Page design

i need inner page design for my website.

vbulletin integration

1) Member register in abledating and also receive separate account in vbulletin with same username.
2) Remove vbulletin registration
3) Member login in abledating and then can use forum.

Add "new audio" and "new pics" to main page

As the main page now has "new videos" I would like to add "new audio" and "new pics" to main page also.



Can we turn off word censors in the chat and private im as well. Always getting "oops" with regular word i.e. "forgot", anything with a "ss" in the word as well many other common words.

Flash and 3D Chat in Popup

Our Flash and 3D Chat open in new Popup-Window with our Chat-Background-Style.
Members can surf on our Community and chat in a Popup-Window from Flash and 3D Chat.

IM window v3messenger pro

The im window for v3messenger pro does not have a photo of the user so that when chatting one can see who is on the other side ( photo )
can this be added to it ?



addition of fields in profile and search

I need a "Profession" field and sub field put into the profile setup and search functions.

EX: My Profession: Guitarist (main field - drop down menu)
Bass guitarist (sub field - drop down menu based on main field choice)

both the main field and sub fields need to be full editable from the admin section.

RBS Payment Gateway integration

I would like to ingrate a payment gateway into the site. Once the payment is received and confirmed, the user's account would be activated and a pre-set ammount of gold days added.
I am currently looking to sign up with RBS services.

Here is the link: mod for BusinessSpace

I need set up for my BusinessSpace site, rather than 2checkout.


I need a music/audio mod that is like the vids and pics of ablespace. I run an arts website and need visibility to music just like pics and vids with categories and all.

Deletion of certain fields and sections in ablespace profile and search areas.

Remove from the 'join now' registration process:
"I am a: Man Seeking Woman" field and drop down menu

Remove the same fields from the 'Account Information' area under the "Basic" section of the Profile.

In the 'personal' area of profile, remove the "personal details" section and remove the "other details" section completely.


Install better captcha from

converting abledating into ablespace

I have got 10 abledating licences from abk but would like to use some for myspace or ablespace style social networking sites. I just can't have 10 dating sites. Can you make an ablespace template that I can use with my abledating scripts? Because the two scripts have got almost the same functionalities. All I need is to remove the matchmaking features and it is a full blown myspace style social networking script.

update my home page to internet explorer 8

sine Internet Explorer has up dated my home page has spreaded out could you bring bring all the pictures back together

Last Activity

I would like to do a mass deletion of member based on their last activity. I would like to be able to select the date range as well.

Mail smilies

Add smilies in mails.

Send IM, link to sign-up, upgrade

1. Send-IM button is active to all users when online users are on for IM.
2. We can pick member's area of access. gold, silver or platinum.
3. Non members click on Send-IM then, sent either to sign-up or upgrade page.

Error messages pop-ups

At the moment there are system pop-up windows when something is incorrect. I would like all error pop ups to look the similar to when you invite someone to play games or to audio-video chat. Can that be achieved?
So for instance, if someone when registering doesn't put the nickname and press the register button a message comes up that nickname is a required field. Can that be done as a pop-up described above? I also need to be able to translate all the pop-ups to different language.

Essay and Photo Approval E-mail

I would like to send to members an e-mail that states if their Essay and/or photo has been approved or not approved.

I would also like the additional functionality of placing tips in the e-mail for essays or photos that are not approved.

3dchat and flash chat in new window

We would like the flash chat and 3d chat to load in a new page. So they can surf the site and be in the chat room the same time.

Modification for my New , Online, Totals Members

I dont want to show how many new members I have on my website at this time. Can you please modify my New, Who's online, Total members and have option to Turn On / Turn off option in my admin panel.

This is the one you see on the main page of my website.

27 New members
0 Members Online
27 Total members

format emails

Someone sends an email/message: the letters of the email are in red.

Someone receives an email: the letters of this message are in blue.
So you can see the difference in colour of the messages


We would like to add subject, and posibility to add banners is html codes.

IM Messenger

Is it possible to make some modification to the IM messenger, like to make it active or inactive as for the user wish or just friends on the person list can contact her on IM. As if 10 people IM the same person it can be quite annoying as all 10 windows might be open if the other person does not stop sending messages and I don't think blocking users for this is not the right solutions.

links on index

We need a modification from admin and for index.we need on index unter footer 10 links with content. (content for 1 link 40 signs) all links are cut from a line.all links and content we will change all time on admin cp.


1 - Can member type in new fields not exists in database state/city?
For example, can he select "USA" and then type state "My state" and city "My city"?

2 - When users leave a comment on either, photo or video, for the other user to receive an email on is personal email NOT just the site's email account.

Flash/Text profile

Right now the member does not have a choice between the flash or text as the flash will be lost if want to revert back to text. Will it be possible for the owner user of the profile to switch back and forth? the flash profile will have to be saved if the text profile is currently set.

a step further would the viewer of the profile be able to choose either the flash or text? that would be best solution

Email Contact Import

I want to install the contacts importer: as part of the sign up process. This will send a message to their entire contact list telling their friends of the site they joined.

PHP Session IDs

On your demo from ABK-Soft all PHP-Session ID's hidden.
You can can make this from our Site?
This is better for Google PR!

mass mail mod

I would like to be able to send a massmail message as I do now but also I need to be able use the subject line in there instead of using the title.

Mail and IM Content Spy

I would like to be able to check what messages were sent via e-mail and IM chat. I need to keep a record of it for up to 90 days.
I would like to be able to enter how far back do I want to look back and then display the results. I should be also to view the content of the message and ability to suspend\delete the profile from that position if necessery.
We have this ability on our 'working' dating site and it comes handy when we need to get rid of some dodgy users...


1) Integration of instead flashchat.

2) Within the 'Ads' link (your url is it possible to have this so that only I (admin) am able to change and enter details etc. We would want the layout as it is only that when members click on say 'accounting and finance' they will then go to the page, exactly how you have, only within this link there will be a description of the web page/site or company and then I will be able to input the link so that members can then go to that url (as some will be affiliate sites that we have already joined) and wish to direct members to these url's.

3) mass email to alphabetical members instead of one mass bulk

4) For me (admin) to be able to add/delete backgrounds, pics/images etc to the 'Postcards'

5) In menu "Options -> Site options" new field, where you can set usernames that profiles will be shown on main page.

6) Affiliate design to be changed as outlined and to be in the same format as the actual site.

7) Is it at all possible to have a row of international flags that the site has languages of, with the 'Alt' of each one being: 'Change language to ......'

control of online/offline fakes

We would like the Time of last log in to vary, ranging from the current date to 2 weeks since last log in, to show that member has been active, it keeps the site up to date.

We would like a random number of profiles to appear "ONLINE" and at different times,ideally this would change at random intervals. We would like to be able to change the number of fake profiles to be online at any 1 time through the admincp in any range from 1 to 1000, also a tick box or what ever will allow us to choose any specific/additional profiles we may wish to add.

We then have complete control over our fake profiles


How much would cost to implement CAPTCHA? to place on register and contact us pages? gateway

I need to install

payment systems for

I need a payment systems (module) for (2CO) to integrate into ‘AbleDating Dating Software ‘

mass mail mod

I would like to be able to send a massmail message as I do now but also I need to be able use the subject line in there instead of using the title.


I use already today a company with SMS Premium pay but I have to login to them and see who has pay and I upgrade my customers manually. I would like if you can modificate for automatically upgrades.

Country position

I would like to change the country position displayed on my site.
At the moment there are 3 countries positioned as first on that list:
1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom

I would like to change it so the countries are displayed as follows:
1. United Kingdom
2. Ireland
3. Poland
4. Netherlands
5. France
6. Germany
7. United States
8. Canada
9. Australia
11. All the rest of the countries...

Admin path

I would like to change the admin Control Panel URL path from to


On my site the emails all have these signs that look like this >>>> it is really hard to read. Do you have any different format for emails which a person can respond easier and what not? A good format of how emailing is nice and neat is on and on there the persons message is on top and you can see it and you reply back in a box at the bottom.

new midifcations

-the IM pop up has to go. When somebodty logs in a IM pop up appears and it keeps doing this every time. I want to et rid of this completely. The pop upo and all IM references should go.

-when somebody is on the homepage and logs in he gets rerouted to a page where he can register or login. On this page (and the next one in the registration area) the top menu is visible. This is not what I want. Nobody should be able to see the menu or the site before logging in.

-when one is logged in you get into your profile. On the top menu there is a "quick search" button. This should go as well. I just want the "search" button.

Register Confirmation e-mail

I would need a mod to be made that when someone register, a confirmation e-mail is sent - a unique activation link would be sent to the address provided.

User should be unable to change the address in their profile.
User can only add photos to their profile until the account is approved by the Admin.
In Control Panel, Home Page would display unsubmitted profiles. There should be also a link to see unconfirmed profiles and ability to either delete or submit.
Registration IP address should be visible on both pages: Unsubmitted and Unconfirmed.
Once the profile is approved, an e-mail needs to be sent informing the person that the account was approved.
If the profile is rejected, an e-mail would be sent too.

Antispam mods

1) We want the ability to check what the members sent for messages. So we can check al members and delete rapidly all spammers.

2) When we see that members are spamming or behaving bad we can delete them. If we delete a member, we want to select also if we want them to give an ip ban or not.

3) We would the filter wil be connected to the email sent by members.
And if one email has one of the filter words, we will have to approve the email.

We are trying to ban spammers as much as we can out of the system.

So maybe you can also do a special trick that al combinations of 4 digits like 1234 or 4445, but also 3 2 3 4 and 2234 wil be on the filter list. The spammer use always a 4 number counting digit

Increase number of posts per page and photo friends

1) At blog webpage I always see the last 10 posts. It would be possible you to tell me where can I change the number of posts, for example from 10 to 15?

2) When a member see a profile member, only can see their friends names. I would like to have in profile not only the friends name but also a small photo of friends members.

Multilanguage automated e-mail

I would like to add a field in the Control Panel which would enable to send an automated e-mails in users preferred language. This should depend on the options in user's settings: Language version.

Whatever the user selects in the Account settings, all the e-mails should be automatically send in the revelant language.

In the admin panel, there would be an option to select a language which needs to be edited. So... If you go to the Control Panel > Auto-mail > Language 1, language 2, language 3 and so on... depending on how many languages is supported by the site.

Not online

We want an automatic email sent every month that a member hasnt been online. And when he has unread messages this will be shown in the email.

link email

When members get email, they receive a direct link to go directly to their inbox.

And members get every month an email that they have ... unread messages in their inbox

Coupon Code

I would like a coupon code script created that would be shown on the payment screen. If the correct coupon code is entered, the prices will automatically change on the payment screen to whatever I have the coupon code prices set at in the admin, and that is what the member will be charged. I just need a place in the admin where I can set coupon prices, and a coupon box on the payment screen. As stated, when user enters coupon code, the prices change to whatever I have in coupon admin area.

Show activity date.

Can we change how the activity date shows online ? It would be instead of "17-04-09" It would read "today", Then if date <= 14-04-09 "within 3 days", etc.... We would like to use "Today, within 3 days, within 5 days, within 1 week, within 2 weeks, within 3 weeks, over 3 weeks" Anyone who has been active over 3 weeks, it would show "Over 3 weeks" We want to avoid showing activity dates.

Automated profile matches

I need users to see on their profiles other profile matches. for example a user has filled in the profile form for what they are looking for in a partner and the system returns profiles with that criteria.

Instant Chat request

Chat- the box for the Instant Messaging seems to appear at all times on the Demo, it pops up and opens. It would be far better to have a I.M chat request box appear for the user to accept or deny the I.M request, this must have a picture of the sender of the chat request.

We want to have a link page

We want to have a linkpage to exchange bannerlinks with other websites.

1. Can be modified in the normal Banner-Area at the Admin
2. Important is: We need to change the position of the Banners (move banner from position 9 to 5 or so)

Want to have additionally banner-adds on the left and right frame

Hi we want to have the following work done for us:
We wanna have on EVERY page on the left and right site of the frame banners.
1. Banner width not bigger as 120px / Height may vary
2. Can be modified in the normal Banner-Area at the Admin. Open new Category like FrameBanners_left and FrameBanners_right
3. Possibility to upload gif, jpg, swf (Flash)
4. Important is: We need to change the position of the Banners (move banner from position 9 to 5 or so)

Profile pics to show on (winks) and winks options

I want members to be able to choose what type of winks they are sending
example:You click to send a wink then you choose in a predetermine list the wink you want to send (I really like you,You look so sexy,Spank,Kiss,Hug,So hot,Let's be friends) i also want to be able to ads unlimited numbers of winks on admin panel .

Also i want the sender pics to show when they send a wink (small pics)linked to their profile this pic most also show on the auto-mail the system send.

Want to show the number of add's in each single category

Want to show the number of add's in each single category at adv.php like under Groups at groups.php


Is there a way that a member can add unlimited pictures to their profile?


I need the members to be able to change the preference on if they would like to change what they are looking for at any time... for example male looking for female or male looking for female friends.

add friends

In add friend, I want that the people need to pay for to add friends because in the comment of add friend the user write the email without to pay and the another user can to read the email.


I would like my Members to be able to change their screen name whenever they would like.

shout box/yell box/mini chat

Shoutbox - when shoutbox refresh, just the shoutbox must refresh and not the hole web page/must have smileys/time and date of message.

Sliding pics on home page.

On our homepage, we have 5 member pics, we would like these to slide and change to show a different set of 5 members and continually slide and change after a chosen time, eg 15 seconds or as in the case of the pics on the homepage of

Photo approve

Receive email when photo approved or not approved

email formatting betweenusers using line breaks

We are getting many complaints from the users who do not like that there are no line breaks in the messgages they send to each other.

reminder email

I want a reminder email to members who have signed up but didnt upgrade every other day.

Esaay, About, Other Info

I'd like the essay, about me, and other info not viewable by public, only viewable by Gold members of the site.
We have scammers signing up and I need a way to filter them, and add credibility to my sites.

Payment system

I want to put the payment with

E-mail (members only modification)

I just started a new dating website. The modification I'm looking for is with the email.
How it works. User A = paying member. Users B and C non-paying members.
User B sends an email to user's "A" and "C". Only user A can read the email. C, can't because he/she is not a paying member.
User "A" sends an email to users "B" and "C". Both can read and respond to it because the email came from a paying member.
When users "B and C" ( non-paying ) login to see their new emails, if the email comes from user "A" (paying) the emails subject will show. Else, if it came from a non-paying member subject will only show "New Message". Subject would be blocked with the word "New Message". (I'm just avoiding of non-paying users send their phone numbers or email address on the subject line)
When user "A" (paying) receive an email from a paying or non-paying member the subject is not "blocked" with "New Message".

Block spam email

We had a spamproblem on our old datingsite site.
We saw that 99 percent it was people using a yahoo email adress.

We would like to block all yahoo email adress.
So no one with a yahoo email adress can join our site.
In the Netherlands almost no one uses yahoo, just msn/hotmail/chello en others.

Countries list

Our dutch webmaster could not find the country list to change. We would like only the countries:

How add gender

i need add gender like "man" woman" i need COUPLE option too.

Blocking Africa from AbleDating 2.4

We want to be able to 'block by IP address', so that we can choose to 'not allow' users from Africa to use our dating site. We are finding that our free dating site has many 'scammers' from Nigeria, and we would like to make it possible so that they could not see our website.

Pages customizing

Can you customize for me the mixer pages? I need to integrate the Google seatch... I am trying it now but i am not good on php. I generade the ajax code on google custom search

UPLOAD PDF and DOC Documents

I want to have documment gallery on my AbleSpace, like the video gallery. the member should have the oppertunity to upload PDF (eBooks and documments) and DOCx (Word-documment) files. is it possible? Maybe you can duplicatet the Video Gallery Skript and modificatet for PDF&DOC Upload?!

Unique Design

1) Member picture animations on index homepage:
for details and examples please visit homepages below

2)The quick search implementation on index homepage is important and should including only the following country’s
All, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, England, Morocco, AND Other for all the rest of them (other countries)
*** All for all countries
*** other for rest Countries

Date joined in Admin

I would like a script that lists the date the member joined. If you log into the admin and click on "users" it lists all the current users, their password, membership type, gold days, email address, etc. I would like to add another column on this page that records the date the user joined the site. I would also like to be able to sort users by this date like I can the other columns.

changes and modifications in join2.php

So many user break up our join2. all have so problems to select a city after country "Germany".The loading time is so long on Internet Explorer and he doesn't works. we have found a able dating site.this site are not this problem, the problem here are fixed.please see and test it on:
you can change our join2.php to this better function with loading Germany City's in Country "Germany"?

ABLESPACE Sign Up and Search Modification

1) I would like to change the sequence of sign up pages on my site. Members are missing the profile pages I want to lead them in the correct direction.

Currently my sign-up pages are set like this: join.php to join_space.php to home.php .

I see I have other pages in the directory -- Can I use join.php to join2.php to join3.php to home.php is this possible, and make mandatory for member to select or fill text box.

2) On my search_advanced.php page please add data fields: Orientation, Relationship type, Height range, Weight range.

3) Can you please activate profile_partner.php page and hyperlink together with profile.php and profile_personal.php

regarding search function in ablespace

On the right side (first picture) we have a search area, where users can find other users regarding folowing filters:

1. age;
2. relationship type;
3. keyword;
4. member status;
It doesn’t meter what filter user will apply in this search area it will search users who has different sex.

We would like to have one more filter, witch lets users search also regarding their sex.

e.g. if I‘m a man and want to find users who are men i put that filter and I get just mens‘ profiles an so on.


A lot of users are having issues with the site when they ask for their lost password and receive just that long number. Most are asking to receive their regular password and not a bunch of numbers the site sends the users who request lost password.

"My Friends Network" bulletin - Approved friends can view and read friends' post.

I want a script created that will allow members to post in "My Friends Network" bulletin and only their approved friends can view and read post.

1) Modify "Latest Forum Post" section on home.html to only take up half of that section and the other half on the right use it for new "My Friends Network" bulletin and make header the same as "Latest Forum Post".
2) Red text/notice above "Add a comment:" area should be editable from AdminPanel.
3) "Add a comment:" should be changed to "Add update:".
4) "Post Comment" button should be changed to "Post Update".
5) Member profile picture should be same size as Comment Wall pictures on member's main profile page. Member's ID and picture should be a link for that member's main profile page.
6) Limit characters allowed in post to two or three lines of text maximum per post. Friends Network is only for short messages.
7) The latest post should always be at the very top.
8) Only keep post for maximum of 7 days before it's automatically deleted from database unless if poster manually delete their post from system.
9) Make post searchable by member ID, keyword, and date.
10) In AdminPanel, I need way to add banned member ID's for members who abuse system. If banned member try to post, display "Banned Member" in red color between "Post Update" button and search field.
11) Members should be able to report inappropriate friends' posting by clicking on red color "Report" link to send automatic email to member "Administrator" internal email. The email should identify the post and the member who posted the inappropriate content. Member account "Administrator" should be able to view all postings by all members and have the ability to delete all postings even if not a friend of members.
12) Member who post update should be able to click on blue "Delete" link to delete their post.

new video and gallerieframe under new membersframe

Hy, we need on the home.php under the new member frame the same frame with new videos and under that the same frame with new Galleries. The new 2frames must look like the old style and the same backgroundpics. And on the videogallery_video_view.php we need a searchwindow to search the videos on the site.

BAN and CHANGE username

1.) in adminpanel click 'USER'. There I can click edit, delete (remove) or Blog. I need: If I deleted an user, this user should be deleted in site and he should get the automail 'Admin delete'. But I dont want, that this user is deleted for me in adminpanel. Couse if I removed an user, who is not guilty: I want give this user back to site. So then I can hide user and make visible user in site with the link "remove".

2.) I want to be able to change usernames in my admin. But the user should bot able to change, only I.

new profile layout

I need a slight alteration to members profile layout. Please delete the flash application all together from website, and replace with the profile photos.

Modify "Featured Friends" List To Display Friends Profile Pictures Instead of Member ID On Member Main Profile Page

Currently only 6 friends can be featured on a member's profile page and only their member ID is displayed (see screenshot friends_old.jpg). Here is what I would like to have done:

1) Instead of featuring only 6 friends, member should be able to feature unlimited amount of friends and their profile picture on main profile page.
2) Small pictures should appear where the member ID's appear now and the pictures should link to that friend's profile page. Use only one row to display small friends pictures as in screenshot friends_new.jpg with navigational arrows at each end. It should look and function similar to the profile customization feature on profile_view.php that has the tabs for things like Tools, Shapes, Backgrounds, etc...
3) Other members viewing a member's profile should be able to use left and right arrows to scroll through all featured friends.
4) Featured friends photo should be displayed at random and in no set order.
5) Make adding someone as a friend similar to private picture view request so that member has to approve before another member can add them as a friend. Will need similar approve/reject process and similar automatic confirmation emails like private pictures.

Free Trial for new members!

I need a simple mod that will enable new members to automatically have 7 or 10 days trial which will give them full access to the site features for that period. At the end of the trial period, the members should only be allowed to upgrade to a paid membership.

Import users from MSN

I woukd like has the feature to import users from my MSN.

Match Mail

Maybe create a user page where he/she can customize their "Match Mail" also turn it "on and off"
*It will send emails to users of 3 to 5 matching profiles from regular users, based on user's partner's preferences, With intervals of 3, 5, 15 days. The user will pick the intervals.
Matching preferences = ( maybe check boxes where they pick what would be matching to what they are looking for.)
Meu par ideal "partner's preference"; If user's partner's preference let's say "corpo = body type" is "Me pergunte = Not Important " Then.... Mail won't use that variable for matching. Will only use where they click in the check box "on or off"

Email bot

Each user will receive 5 emails from the BOT.
First = 3 days after signing up.
Second = 1 week
Third = 2 weeks
Fourth = 2 weeks after last visit
Fifth = 3 weeks after last visit

On the picture you will see that I have input boxes under male and female. There we would input the fake user's names. Which would be 20 fake profiles in the data base. The Bot would select any of those fake profiles and match them with other users male and female. Like, male looking for female, male looking for male, etc.... Also, we could have all those fake profiles respond after 1 days to any emails they receive. Just a general "Nice to hear from you, how's your day going ? Let's chat again... I want to get to know you" The bot would respond only once. Each Fake user, should have a different answer to incoming emails. So, the users don't receive the same answer from different Bots. Last, each user should only receive a bot once.

If I sign up today, within 3 days I get an email from 1 bot.. Bot A, then within 7 days, Bot B. and so on. I guess you will have to create a variable within the user's database indicating which bots have been sent to the users. So we don't have the same bot twice for the same user. .. and because of the responses, else people will find out very easily they are BOTS and Fakes.

Recurring billing!

We are using the paypal payment on our site, that is working great! But, I want to activate recurring billing, so that the members get an automatically drawn on there account each month.

Question about Flash Editor profile for Abledating

Ok, looking at the abledating new age demo's, If the user has use the Myspace flash editor to make their own profile page, How can we as a Normal user see their actualy dating profile that they filled out when they signed up ??
For example: married, kids, blah blah blah..
Right now there is NO link to bring the user back to view there profile info like Essay, About Me, Other info and Partner's info (Also found out it does not show the partner's info) This is really making some people confuse.

Ability To Move Forum Post To Other Sections and Assign Forum Moderators

Here are the things that I would like to have done:

1) A way to move topics posted in one section to another section of the forum.
2) A special section created at the very top of the forum section that can only be updated while logged into the AdminPanel to post Forum rules and "How To" Documentations.
3) Change the red Forum section headers to the blue color in the website header.
4) Ability to assign unlimited amount of Forum Moderators through the AdminPanel and set different types of permissions like add/delete, modify/change, move, suspend member, activate suspended member, warn, and etc...

Small Notification / Announcement Window For Administrator (Need ASAP)

I need to have a small text area on home.php and below the picture to display short notifications or announcements to all members. The text area should be white with small black border around the rectangle. Only Administrator should have permission to post in the text area but it should be viewable by all members. Text area should display a minimum of two lines at all times but should be able to expand if more message need posting. In addition to the message, the only other thing that should appear at the top of the message is the date and time.

videos in profile

WHen people search or browse profiles, in the profile listing box I want "relationship type" removed, and replaced with "Video(s):". If the member has any videos uploaded I want a tick (graphic) and if they dont then I want a cross (graphic).

New Member Email Validation and Display Invite Friends Page After Email Validation

As it stands now, new members are not required to validate their email addresses and the only two options available on the Invite Friends page is to import Yahoo! Mail contacts and upload CSV. I want to change these two things and here is how I would like to have it done:

1) The new member goes through the normal sign-up procedure and at the end they have to validate their email account before gaining access to If email account is not validated within 48 hours, any temporary information that was captured should be automatically deleted. In the validation email, it should be clearly indicated that they have 48 hours to validate email address and this same notice should be clearly indicated on the page that informs the new member that they have to validate their email. I would like for Administator to have the ability to modify this message through the Admin Console, if possible.

2) After email validation, the next page that should load up automatically is the Invite Friends page. In addition to Yahoo! Mail and CSV upload ability, I want the members to be able to import their Google GMail and MSN Hotmail. If it's possible to include MySpace, Friendster and Hi5 email import, I will be forever greatful for this important addition. They should have the option to invite friends or skip this step if they so chooses but the current message and website features that I have highlighted on the Invite Friends page should be there.

3) At the bottom of the Invite Friends email message that will be sent to friends to join, I will need for you to add the default profile picture of the member and it should appear right above the member ID in the signature area. I have added two text fields for first name and last name during registration and I want to put the first and last name in the area between the member picture and member ID in the signature area.

4) Please make "invite friends" in the top right hand corner of the Header part red color.

ONLY Allow Member ID "Administrator" To Hide/Unhide His Profile

OnlY allow member ID "Administrator" ability to see and run "Activate Your Profile" and "Hide your Profile" on home.php and profile_settings.php. No other member should have access to hide/unhide their profile. All other member profile should be visible at all times while online. When they logoff, their profile should logout immediately (NO DELAY).

Activate all hidden accounts on website before making script changes so that member profiles are visible.

On profile _settings.php under "Personal Settings", please make these changes:
1) Set "New Mail Alert" to ENABLE for all accounts and set to ENABLE by default.
2) Set "Show Interest Alert" to ENABLE for all accounts and set to ENABLE by default.
3) Set "Newsletter" to ON for all accounts and set to ON by default.
Keep the other settings as they are right now.

On profile_settings.php under "Profile Status" section, only member ID "Administrator" should be able to see "Activate your Profile" message and "Activate Profile" button. The same for "Hide Your Profile" message and "Hide Profile" button.

Security Feature and Image Linking

While viewing comments on gallery_admin_comments.php, picture names under "Image" column should also be links to access the pictures with comment so that album owner can read comment and post response immediately if they want to.

Also disable right mouse click on the website so that no visitor or member can download or save any unauthorize images from website. If anyone try to right mouse click, display small window with message:

Protected Content.
All Rights Reserved.

Make member profile picture and ID in all email messages link to sender's main profile page.

show new members also without photo

If you log in on my abledating website you see at the bottom 5 photos with the latest new members. Only members who upload a photo are shown here. I would like to show all new members, also those without a photo. It should show the standard anonymous woman/man image.

Private pictures in the PICS section with special access controll

As it stands now, all the pictures posted in the PICS section are public and viewable by all members. I would like to have a feature added for members to make certain pictures public and others private. The public pictures should stay as they are now but those pictures marked as "Private" should only be viewable to a member if they request access and the album owner approves access. So, there should be a "Request View Access" button whereever a "Private" picture appears in a album. A member requesting access should click "Request View Access" to send the request and a confirmation "View Request Sent" should replace "Request View Access" on all "Private" pictures for that album owner when the requester is looking around in that owner's album(s). If a view access request is approved, the member requesting access will then be able to view all the public and private pictures for that member automatically. A short email message should be automatically generated and sent to the requester that their "Request View Access" was approved or denied based on the album owner response. In the email, there should be a link that takes the requester directly to the album owner's album if the request is approved. The album owner should be able to view a list of all members that have been granted access to view pictures marked "Private" in their album in the PICS section. The album owner should also have the ability to add and delete member ID's from that list. If they manually add a member, an email message should be automatically generated to inform that member that they were added to view that member's "Private" pictures in the PICS section and a link that takes the member directly to the album owner's album should be in the email. If a member's special access is deleted by the album owner, the member should be notified automatically by email that their special access to view the album owner's "Private" pictures in the PICS section have been deleted.

5 Most Recent Forum Post with Member Picture

I need a module created that will automatically update with five of the most recent postings from the Forums. I would like each of the five sections to contain the Forum section title where the message was posted, the topic title (this should also act as a link to view entire message), date and time stamp of when the topic was posted or when the response was posted, the member profile picture and ID of the member that posted the message with thier ID also acting as a link to their member profile, their Forum status and post count should appear also. The height of the text area that contains the message should be the same height as the member profile photo and it should cut off the message if it's larger than the space allowed. Members can click on the topic title to access the full message.

Random Images refresh on the mainpage

Hi I need to configure the mainpage of the abledating site to have a Random images be refreshed when ever anyone clicks back to mainpage a different image will appear. Right now I see the CSS can only store one picture file for the mainpage. I have 6 different images to post onto mainpage and again I want a simple image refresh for the mainpage. I have the 6 images that needs to be random images.

Comment Board with Member Profile Picture Capability

Is it possible to have you guys develop a comment board with member profile picture capability that members can use to leave personal messages on each other's profile? I'm talking about a comment board similar to MySpace. When members access each other's profile, they should have the ability to leave a comment that is either automatically displayed or have to be approved by the profile owner. The person posting the comment will automatically have his/her picture appear next to their comment.


Please visit I would like a scrolling flash menu of CHARTS TOP 100 featured on every page of my website as you will see to the right of that website. Obviously, positioning of people will depend on video ratings.



Is it possible that every member has a link/button in there profiles to link to any videos which they have uploaded in the video section? I would like the members videos to appear as thumbnails in there profile?


I have an FLV player which I need integrating into my ablespace script to replqace the existing players (The flash video plays much better quality).
Obviously the player has to function EXACTLY the same as the standard player. Also, I have no idea if the videos that people upload have to go through a different process to create the higher quality playback. Creating a high quality playback is why I want to use this player.

Script to make Photos open up in a 'flash box'

I am after a script to make Photos open up in a 'flash box'( when a thumbnail is clicked, rather than a new page.

image watermarking

I need to have every image uploaded watermarked with my logo supplied in PNG format please.

Modify user profile

I have Ablespace and would like to remove showing any AGE in a users profile and on the home page where "Cool People" are. Basically remove AGE from showing up anywhere.


hello .I need little modi for my abledate

1- can all of tools in profile remove complete from my softwere? but not of course pic and clips and foto .only that extras what can add in profile
2- can it me remove all other view feature removes(Profile View) (Gallery View)(Banned Users) when user search members then automatic only list view
3-can be add in gallery (pic albums)create some quick search _ for 1user 2 male or female 3 albums name and when user search albums is List View and must click on it to open gallery`?

small windows explean to condirm of register

I want that when people register themselves at the outset they leaves a small window and to explains to them that they must go to confirm the register in the email, so that as this now does not leave well explained, and I want the windows in the 10 different lenguajes, How much cost?.

logout script for abledating 2.4

Hello abk-experts, we are looking for a logout script. Users should be logged out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. We would be pleased about a short manual if we have to implement your script by ourselves. This order is for a price not over 100 USD. Thanks so long. Sebastian Groth


I'm trying to ad google adsense to my abledating site. I figured how to put one of the banners on, however I would like to make it look more professional. Also, the ads some are horizontal and others vertical. I'm sending you some examples of the ads which appear on another dating site. I would like to set up something similar. Each time the user changes pages the ads change a little. As you can see, some ads are horizontal, others vertical. In some pages 2 differents banners of ads will show. Sometimes 2 verticals, or mixed. Can you help me set these ads ? I can supply all the codes from google. I'm sending you some samples of the other site using google ads. I would like something similar.

some MOD's needed

(1) I would like a users profile to show small pictures of their friends and each of these pictures is a link to the relevent profile. (2) I would like when a user gets email from other users they can click on the pic of the user that sent the email and it goes directly to users profile. (3) I would like a comment box on the side bar of each members profile where other members can leave comments in HTML format or in regular text where all member can view their comments.

Geo Target

I am buying the software able dating and want to see if you guys can program a software to geo target the ad banners. I want to be able to send some especific banners to diferrent locations acording to the advertiser?s request. If a client wants his banners to show in Lima, DF, Miami, Paris only, I want to be able to do it. If a client wants to show his banners in all south america I also want to be able to do it I just want to target the way I want. Can you do that? I had already written to you but I lost my user and password. the email I had was if you can retrive my user name I will appreciate thank you


I know this is a VERY SIMPLE request...but I am in need of coding my JOIN NOW button to make it work on my new template. Also the CSS or color of the text in the Join form is black like the background and I do not want it like that. What is the solution?

Need some modifications on my dating site.

I have some modifications that I would like to get done. *********************************************************************************** (1) On the profile display. I would like to change the order which the informations is displayed. I would like to have the profile to display in this new order. 1. Essay 2. Other Information 3. About (user's name) Status: Height: Weight: Body: Ethnicity: Eye: Hair: Family: Religion: Career: Drinking: Smoking: 4. About Partner Age Range: Status: Height: Weight: Body: Ethnicity: Eye: Hair: Family: Religion: Career: Drinking: Smoking: ************************************************************************************** Essay and Title. Limit the Title (first text box ) to maximum of 60 characters and the Essay to have a minimum of 120 characters, maximum of 5000. *************************************************************************************** If someone does a search. I would like to show on the results the title Title (first text box ) right under the persons name on the default display. Not on gallery or list mode. Also, if the person has more than one photo, somehow show they have extra photos. Something like a little star with the wording "Extra photos" next to their main photo. ****************************************************************************************

Hide Button

I would like to change how the hide profile button on the site works. As right now the user can't hide their profile as long the want. However I would like to change that so that they can hide the profile as long they want or choose. Also, when the user is in hidden mode, their picture will show an image on the top saying something like " Hidden Mode" . So they know their profile is hidden. But it has to be where I can change the language if needed. Thank you.

Photo Aproval and user's choice of image.

I would like to let the users pick which photo they want to have as their main photo. Also, when I'm approving a photo I can pick between "main photo" or "extra" For instance, if a user sends a picture of themselves riding a horse and I can't really see the face, that would be used as "extra" and now show in the search gallery or main photo. Main photos would only be the pictures that shows the face clearly. and last the users can pick from their photos which one they want as "main" only if they have more that one main photo and not only extras. So, on "admin/users_photo.php" There would be 4 choices per image. add/delete and main/extra. Thank you.

Video Chat Synch

I'm using a 3rd party chat tool and I would like to synch the users online with the chat tool. Currently, the site logs users out even while they are still online in chat. And, would like to make sure only GOLD users can access the chat app.

Email Limit

I would like to have someone write me a code where the users will have a limit of how many emails they can send per day. Within the site_options.php, page I can set how many emails someone can send per day. Like, 5, 10, 15...etc... Then if someone is a paying member, they then can send more emails. Thank you.

Mixer changes

Hi abk-experts, We have bought the mixer! script, it is pretty cool, but we would like you to do some custom modifications on it. Ill write them down in few points: 1.) We would like that under the „main photo“ in users profile would be displayed 3 other, smaller photos from profile_photo.php. So the photo, that will be uploaded as first in profile will be the big one and the 3 others, that can be uploaded, will be the small ones. After clicking on one of the small ones it will be displayed instead of the big one. 2.) In each profile display New cool people, Friends and Users, that Viewed me. We would like to have it in 3 columns (like displayed in this picture, so you have to delete the Search option in each profile - We want to display maximally 10 from each group in each row. Down in each column should be the possibility to show all your friends and so on, this can be made through search. Everybody should be able to see these 10 cool new people, 10 friends and 10 people who viewed the user, who they are looking at. Everybody should also be able to display all his friends and so on. Also please edit the my_friends.php like you see it on Your Friends on the picture 1.PNG, so there on my_friends wont be only the picture, but also to send the user directly from the my_friends menu a mail, wink, IM and so on. 3.) We want each user to have his own profile link. A link, that he can send anyone and then anyone can see his profile, something like /profile.php?=user, it should be like the profile of each user (so home.php), his big photo + the three smaller ones under it, actions like Wink, mail, postcard etc, his essay and under it again 10 New cool people, 10 Friends, 10 people who viewed him and the possibility to display them all. 4.) The possibility for each user instead of uploading videos adding embeded videos from sites like Youtube on our site. Those embeds should be added through videogallery_upload.php, and they should behave like normal videos (so the users can rate them, search for them, look for newly added embeded videos and so on). Thats all, I hope you like it :)


hallo :-) it is possible to change our IM?to change the nickname in yellow and all blue frames in white?and we have a old version from is possible to change this in new version with smiley's and sounds?the *send-button* please not change. (see picture) what is the price to change?thank you

Members online

We would like to have our dating site show THOUSANDS of members online. Just like your DEMO. Of course the IM function will not work (as they are not really online). But, this would have to ADD to the number of members that are REALLY ONLINE. Because we still want to show the REAL members online as well.

Text modifications

The first thing i would like you to change for me is the wording in attachment 1. Please can you have it read as it appears in the attachment. with the additional text all in bold. the text should read... *after pressing the button please let the city downloaded, it can take some time depending on your connection speed. (end) *each location is downloaded only once. (end) *and so on...... The second change is to do with when a users who has not upgraded to gold membership clicks on 3D city, i first want them to see attachment 1. then when they try to click ''enter city'' they are taken to 'upgrade' menu. hope this makes sense :-)


Whenver a member upgrades to a SILVER or GOLD membership, i would like a small graphic, (as shown in attached screen shots - if the member is a GOLD member, then will show a GOLD icon and if a member is a SILVER member, then will show a SILVER icon) to appear on the RESULTS LIST, PROFILE VIEW, and PROFILE HOME PAGE. I have attached 3 screen shots of the locations that the Gold or Silver Member graphic should appear. Regarding "on-home-page.gif" If the member has not yet signed up to a Silver or Gold membership, then the text "Upgrade to Gold" would appear. (this function already exists). Regards, Thomas


I should be glad if I can get some help. 1)If you could add "Upgrade" button(look att file) 2) We need to add a button that says "Select Languge" were the users have the possibility to choose between greek and english. (no other languages)(look at file please) 2)Maybe if you could do some modifications on the users membership a)I want females to have free access all time b)However, the newly registerd males should have free access for a week and after that they will be requested to upgrade their profile to gold member. THANKS, Takis

News Links

I would like to add the latest news storys link to members home page. Make the 5 or 10 latest story links with just the headline. When a new story is made in admin "news and info" a link automatically shows up on the members "home" page. Would like it on right side bar under search. The head line on box will be "TruckersSpace News" and click on that to see all stories. Thank you.


Hello! 1/ It is necessary to change the function "checkbox" RELATIONSHIP TYPE that was evident in the vertical position. Wherever emerges RELATIONSHIP TYPE * Marriage * Serious * Casual * Friends 2/ It is necessary to change the function "checkbox" ORIENTATION at search_advanced that was seen as a drop-down list.

Custom Design

hi There I'm offering 500 US$ cash to the person who will configure my home page as seen on screenshots. I have order a uniquedesign but they can not complete. I have attached a html cut to let you know what i want and a photoshop file. Male in blue background and female in orange background visi my site here: to see that members are not showing on home page. let me know if you have more question.


I require male and female bots so when someone joins, several bots of the opposite sex will send a mail saying hi etc. Then over a few days different bots will send mail and winks to the same person.


I’ve added several text fields in user profiles with Name and Surname. If somebody adds you to their friends he has to see your actual name and surname.


hello, i have problems with the Mail.php Please View Mail.jpg Div Box left narrow (white range) so the _folder box not longer overlapped!! The same at mail_compose.php, mail_favorite.php, Mail_whos_interest.php and mail_sent_interest.php Ok back to Mail.php If i become to many mails then switch the script not of site 2 (visit mail.php) {l_prev} | {l_next} The Mail archiv overlapped and i can not visit the new mails! If i open the mail then can i she not delete. And is the Mail open is the text from the mail on the ligtblue box!! Can she make it a extra white box?? Then can the people read the text many better. Please view Mail2.jpg

Invite System

hello, i have purchased Abledating 2.4 and i will change the invite system. If User invite Friends over invite.php the become the Friends a Mail with a Backlink. If User register over this backling by my site, then are this User automatic of my Friendlist. Can she this make it? Greetings Enrico

Email activation

Hi, I would like email activation to be added to my ablesapce software. This is so when a new user joins they have to activate there account by email. The way I would like it to go is they fill in join.php then they have to activate there email, once they have clicked the link in there email they are taken to join3.php (upload a pic). I have found tons of scripts for this but would prefer it if ABK did it for me properly. I am offering $250 which will be paid straight away tomorrow for the programmer who accepts this. Thank you


I put in a ticket for making a featured members toolbar under my home page pic. along with that i would like the feature icons and text like this site, and put them under the join for free logo in the blank space there, thank you, Randy


When a member is seeing all his profile photos (at profile_photo.php, AbleSpace) I would like to see an check box or small link like “Choose this as main profile photo” bellow/near each photo in order a member can change the main photo that appears at his comments, and searches done my other members. Currently the member can not choose his main photo that appears in searches and also it happens that when a member makes a comment at blog, album, etc, appear a different photo.

Chat Room Cookie

Hi, I have since purchased a flash chat room from tufat which I have installed, basically it is working with my current member DB the users can login and profile links are working with their profiles on my site. The problem I am faced with is the auto login feature. I want it so when a user signs into my site, they click the chat link be taken tpo the new chat room and already be logged in! As it stans they are taken to the login page and have to sign in again with their current usernae and password, Having read loads of forums this is what I need creted to auto log a user into the chat room, "Auto login - This is something you have to create other by using a login session from your site or a site cookie that is generated from your site" I will pay $50 today to the programmer who can make this cookie for my users to autologin into the chat room from the site. and continue to stay showing as online when i chat. Thanks

Mixer Word

hello i have the mixer software and would like a small modification. On the opening page can you please remove the word mixer that comes across the screen


- i want to create bot users on my admin panel
- i want to see who sent message to bot users
- i want to reply bot messages to users
- i want to send auto messages wia bot users to man, woman profiles or random
- i want to be online or offline bot users.


It is nice to see the advancement of your software and website. Your company is doing some great things. I would like to know how much some custom work would be for our site.

The ability for picture posters to be able to post to any album regardless of owner. Example: I start an album called "Nice Cars" and
everyone can post their nice cars to it.

Drop-down option in the main menu

Can you please provide me with a costing for the following develop work:

- Drop-down option in the main menu to toggle between different languages.
- Inclusion of the following languages, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Hindi.

Google analytics

1- insert 2 category/function pages which will be reflected into the menu bar.
2- insert Google analytics script into css, in order it will work on all pages
Let me know if this is possible, timing and pricing and tell me if you need some more details.

Some AbleDating changes

I have purchased community script from I need some modifications in this script. The following are the modification:

Add advertising banners .
Add last login time and date.
Contact importer – from yahoo gmail hotmail aol orkut myspace, freindster hi5 bigadda
Change video system videos shall not be added to out server they should be just linked like orkut.
And other minor changes.

Slideshow and profile listing

We need custom programming of Able Dating 2.4 Software ( to fits our website needs.
Abledating is written in PHP and use MySQL database. The templates are separate from programming.
We need some custom features to be programmed (using php/javascript/etc) as:
- slideshow in the home pages (something like - we'll show selected profiles
- when you are logged as men, you can only see women profiles and viceversa. When you are not logged, the differentiation we'll be on the IP (europe vs. us)

Add fields system

I want that you change for me ADD FIELDS System. Now when i make new Field i can see this in my profile page only like drop-down list and i want that you put there funktion where i can change this for Checkbox. I want have funktions that i can change allone what i want have for filed whit Drop-Down or whit checkbox. It's will be super when you can put there too the Radiobutton.

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